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Let’s celebrate us

Our colleagues and their well-being are a central part of our vision of the future at Design Group – and pivotal to everything we aim to achieve together

Ready to flourish?

As a pioneering company whose mission involves enabling consumers to creatively celebrate life’s special moments, we naturally want to see our colleagues flourish, too. We take staff health and well-being seriously, investing in every colleague’s education and personal development. Including yours.

A steady future for all

We have a special onboarding and succession programme for our employees. We strive for transparency about our principles and direction, and want you to develop to your full potential. With individual development interviews, we place your growth at the centre, and strive for a stable future for all of us.

Join our Wall of Fame

Visit our company restaurant in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands, and admire our Wall of Fame: a collection of photographs of staff members who’ve been with us for 25 years or more. Average job tenure at our company is over 12 years. When will your photo adorn the Wall of Fame?

Wall_Off_Fame V4

Our brand values

Our brand values form the root system from which we draw inspiration and direction. They show you how you can expect us to act as an organization and as individuals, internally and externally.

  • innovation-creative-inspiration-svgrepo-com


    Embracing an ever-changing landscape, we continuously pursue improvement and innovation.

  • light-bulb-svgrepo-com


    Always seeking inspiration, we love to explore new markets, products & possibilities.

  • rocket-svgrepo-com 1


    We are ambitious to grow and change, because we care.

  • glass-of-milk-svgrepo-com 1


    Believing in our strength and embracing questions & complexity, we choose a ‘can-do’ mentality.

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    Reliability is essential for a preferred supplier: we keep our promises.

Our employees’ experiences

  • DesignGroup-14

    Ezra Konneman

    I design products that thousands of people use

  • DesignGroup-16

    Carmen Doldersum van der Schelde

    I always enjoy going to work

  • DesignGroup-15

    Daniël Boerkamp

    Working at Design Group is the full package: an innovative company, a fun atmosphere and plenty of growth opportunities

  • DesignGroup-13

    Danique Couprie

    At Design Group we put our shoulders to the wheel together