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Carmen Doldersum van der Schelde


“I always enjoy going to work”

Carmen Doldersum is an Operator A in our wrapping department. She started as a temporary worker a few years ago, but has since become a permanent employee and is training through the Design Group Academy

  • From temporary worker to permanent employee

    I joined the company as a temporary worker. I had spent two years applying for jobs, so I was just happy to get some work. And then it turned out to be at a very nice company with a great product: I love all those prints. Initially there was only work during high season, which I thought was a shame. The following year, I was asked again and I said that I would like to work here all year round. This is how I ended up as a sorter in the Wrapping Department on a trial basis – and since 2021 I have been a permanent employee.

    Now I work as an Operator A on three machines, wrapping large rolls of giftwrap around the cardboard inserts and applying packaging and a label. It’s my responsibility to make sure that those machines execute the orders correctly and that the right labels, giftwrap and inserts are ready for each order. That means paying close attention; the labels are sometimes almost identical. I take away the full boxes and carts of wrapped rolls of giftwrap, and if the machine has an issue it’s theoretically my job to fix it. Although I don’t have nearly enough knowledge for that yet, I enjoy the challenge of constantly getting better.

  • After this I will have an MBO 3 diploma

    I have always enjoyed tinkering with technology. I could solder at a young age, and as a 10-year-old girl I had screwdrivers in my room and I dismantled my toys, and later old TVs as well. Tinkering and figuring out how a mechanism works was something I found interesting even then. So it was a logical step to go to technical secondary school, but unfortunately I was unable to finish that course due to circumstances. That makes it particularly great that I now get to do Mechanical Operator A and B training here. When I complete that, I will have an MBO 3 diploma – that’s what I’m working towards!

    The training is being funded by Design Group, and I can do part of it during working hours. There is also two hours of study support on the premises every week. That allows me and the other students to ask questions or work on assignments ourselves. It’s been quite a while since I was at school – and the fact that I am dyslexic does not help – so I’m working on it every day alongside my work. I don’t mind that, because I’m hoping that this training will teach me a lot more about the machines so that I can detect and solve a problem more quickly.

  • We celebrate great moments together

    I always enjoy going to work. I enjoy a chat during the breaks and being around people. And it’s great that we really work together as a team. We are happy to help one another. For example, I always try to take account of my co-workers’ working methods: if someone likes to have the trolley with rolls of giftwrap placed in a particular way, it doesn’t take much effort to do that.

    I also appreciate the fact that we celebrate good things together here. Such as the anniversaries of co-workers who have been working here for 25 years – that gets your photo on the Wall of Fame in the canteen – or the annual ‘We make you smile day’, a company outing for all employees. The last edition was a really enjoyable day with various activities, from driving beach buggies to a pub quiz. What I also really like is the Open Company Day that we participate in as a company. It’s a great opportunity to show your family where you work. Last time I gave my sister a tour of Design Group.

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